Software development is one of our core businesses. Our services are not limited to develop the whole system, but we accept the development for specific module. For example, development of semantic searches module, business widget portlet, and etc. There are 3 main areas of software development offered by Skydood :
      a) Ontology design and development
      b) Semantic technology modules
      c) Web Portal development



Ontology design and development

      Ontology is an explicit specification of shared conceptualization. Ontology is used for sharing vocabulary, unified searching mechanism, reducing heterogeneity problems in integration of multiple databases from different data sources, and many more. I-Soft offers this service by designing and development of specific domain of ontology for specific application. As of today, we have developed more than 100 ontologies comprise of several domains such as Health, Agriculture, Government, and Islamic. These ontologies have successful integrated with respective application. Our approach to design and develop of ontology is by having several discussions with domain expert and knowledge engineer. The purpose of discussion is to extract tacit and explicit knowledge of specific domain. This activity was carried out several times until meeting the requirement (application and user requirement).

Semantic technology modules

      Apart from providing design and development of ontology services, Skydood provides semantic technology modules services. Skydood offers specific module of semantic technology. For example, a module of generalizing mapping between database and ontology, a module of searching information driven by ontology, and etc.

Web Portal development

      Skydood team has extensive experience in development of portals using Liferay platform. This platform provide not only framework but CMS a well. Liferay is named as the most popular Java CMS. Apart from development of Liferay portals, Skydood provide portlet development for specific application. For example; staff directory, weather portlet, semantic search portlet and etc.
      In record, Skydood have developed Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dan Putrajaya portal using Liferay Framework, Hospital Kajang Official Website and involve directly in development of 152 government portals consists of local authorities and ministries portal.