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Portrait Besides development of ontology and semantic modules, Skydood provides 4 four semantic technology courses:

      1) Design and Development of Ontology (DDO) - How to design and develop ontology in effective manner. This course consists of 14 chapters.
      2) Ontology Deployment (OD) – How to deploy the develop module into the application. This course consists of 4 chapters.
      3) Protégé Plugin Development (PPD) – Explore protégé capabilities and How to create a new protege plugin. This course consists of 3 chapters.
      4) Advanced SPARQL – The use of advanced SPARQL query (SPARQL Endpoint, SPIN, SPARQL Motion) in application. This course consists of 4 chapters

During the training, the instructors will show trainee on how to do something hands-on. At the same time, the instructor will be often intentionally cause trainees to create syntactical or logical modeling errors in order for trainee to see how to resolve them. At the end of this training, the participant should be able to:

      • Build an OWL ontology in Protégé editor
      • Make simple queries against that ontology using SPARQL
      • Use, federate, and extend existing ontologies
      • Use an upper ontology as the basis for an ontology design.
      • Query and open world reasoning
      • Apply equivalence and disjointness class and property
      • Create subsumption class and property
      • Use special type property
      • Use Complex classes
      • Create advance restriction
      • Create necessary and Sufficient
      • Import and Federating ontologies
      • Extend OWL with rule (SWRL)
      • Install and setup Triple store and Eclipse Editor
      • Query ontology from triple store
      • Integrate ontology with application
      • Modify query using JAVA coding
      • Install and setup protégé
      • Plugin development

Portrait testing blogs update
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